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Let’s make everyday life easier,

in every room of your home.


Being simple is the most complicated thing nowadays.


So many products at various prices and features to distract from your needs.


ekau aims only the ESSENTIAL tools to simplify your life.


With ekau, you will get the proper tools at the right price.


ekau (pronounced “ee-ko”) , only essentials.



We capitalize on our sourcing expertise and our 30 years of experience in manufacturing consumer goods for famous brands, and bring you the best at a good price.


From cooking and baking to dinnerware and entertaining. We provide tools that fit comfortably in your hands and your budget.


Let’s dive in!

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Over the last 15 years, the household market has changed in many ways. More brands, more products, more complicated features…

On the other hand, consumers’ personae also changed a lot. More conscious in our purchases, less gadget oriented, from young starting in life to active people and even the elderly…

Nowadays, most of them are not looking for the fancy gadget but just for something working, doing the job!

ekau Home is for them.

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High-quality cast aluminium cookware enhances efficiency and provides even heat distribution that saves time and energy. 

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High-quality baking set offers superb performance and the impeccable release of the best non-stick coating on the market.

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Stoneware dinnerware with speckled glaze collection offers a range of styles, so you can organize the table just the way you like.

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Right Tools at the Right Price

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Naturally Non Stick Blade



Right tools, Right price, Universal design
ekau Home provide tools that fit comfortably in your hands and budget.
ekau Home does not bring you novelties,
We bring you the essentials.